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Venue Mind basic approach is humanistic, with emphasis on the individual's responsibility for themselves, in binding community in the society we live in.

About us

​Mødestedet Sind is a drop-in center for the mentally ill and lonely people, and actually also a place for those who just have  one ...

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​Mødestedet Sind mostly think about what you want to do, and therefore we provide a lot of exciting ...

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​Mødestedet Sind in Skive, looking for a serious sponsor to our being / contact for mental ... 

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​Would you like to be a volunteer in Mødestedet mind, here in Skive, we have a job for you, where wages are ...

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Menu Plans

​As we are getting into new kitchen, it costs 45 kr. To eat with as the food provided by winds Forsamlingshus ...

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​A warm man with both feet on the ground.

Have a good mood, responsible and stable ...

Contact us

Contact us


Resenvej 17, 7800 Skive


Tel: 97 51 47 07

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Resenvej 17
7800 Skive

Telefon: 97 51 47 07


CVR: 00000000