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​About us

The Sindhus in Skive is a place for mentally handicapped and lonely people, and for those having a difficult everyday life and searching for peace and society.

The Sindhus opened in 1981 and was first situated in Resenvej, before moving to Kompagnigade.
Here in Skive we built a local board to care for events like our Banko Game, excursions and the Sindhus`s advertisement.
The staff consists of 5 persons: One employee of SIND, 2 firm and 2 flexible workers. In Sindhus 5 people have been active as volunteers In 2006, apart from the administration's members on local and district level.

In the area of administration a staff change occurs during the education's course, but many people have been volunteers for many years now.

The basic attitude of the Sindhus is humanistic, with an emphasis on the individual's responsibility towards themselves and within the society we live in.

The Sindhus goes for the development of individual abilities and qualities in an as calm and cheerful atmosphere as possible and thus wants to give people a successful experience. Therefore the Sindhus works to build up an equal community, within which different opinions, beliefs and views become respected and acknowledged, without regard to age, religion and political inclination.

Since communication is able to affect the development of the individual's character, it is an high ranked point of every days schedule. Meant is that kind of communication helping to remove any feelings of inferiority and strengthen self-confidence, to stop suppressive and violent tendencies. A communication aiming at people being heard and understood in the community.​

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Resenvej 17, 7800 Skive


Tel: 97 51 47 07

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Resenvej 17
7800 Skive

Telefon: 97 51 47 07


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