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Sponsor wanted​

The Sindhus in Skive is searching for an earnest sponsor for our meeting point for for mentally disabled and lonely people, and those with social problems.
We are glad for every support, but have to reject that coming out of the medical or alcoholic line.
We offer advertisement on our home page, stationary, booklets and much more.
Do you want to support a good cause?
Please contact the Center's chairwoman Hanne Madsen for closer information by calling 97514707 or mailing at
Do you want to support the Sindhus economically?
Economical allowances, no matter if small or big, will be received with great joy.
The Sindhus is a voluntary social business, where the economy is strict. If you therefore want to contribute any amount, you would improve and widen our activities, our social work and everything else to the advantage of mentally disabled and their relatives.
Every contribution will be wholly spent on the social work of the Sindhus in the district of Skive.
How to proceed
Just send a crossed cheque to
Mødestedet, Resenvej 17, 7800 Skive

Every amount above 500,- DKK is according to the tax law §8a deductible.
The Sindhus doesn't publish your name, unless you wish otherwise.
Thank you very much beforehand.

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Resenvej 17, 7800 Skive


Tel: 97 51 47 07

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Resenvej 17
7800 Skive

Telefon: 97 51 47 07


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